Mobile-Friendly Web Design


ust about everyone has a smartphone now. Because of that, having a web design that’s mobile friendly is extremely important. Not every transaction is made on a desktop computer anymore.

Making purchases on your smartphone is easier than ever! High-speed internet is also more accessible. Because of this, having a web design that is mobile friendly makes all the difference in the world.

Did you know a whopping 68% of people own a smartphone? That’s almost double the original 35% of just 4 years ago. Eventually, just about everyone will have a smart phone.

Let’s break down some of the other reasons you need a mobile friendly web design.


Did you know that mobile friendly web design is a positive ranking signal? If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll miss out on valuable traffic. Google assigns a higher ranking to designs that are optimized for mobile.

Other benefits are improved user experience, increased average time on site and faster website load speed. When people spend more time on your website it will lower your bounce rate and boost your ranking.


Google determines how you show up in search with how relevant you are. Part of this relevance signal is your location. If you’re located near someone searching with a smart phone you have a chance of showing up.

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website you may not show up for that person. If you do show up, when they go to your website and it’s not mobile friendly, they may leave immediately.

Our websites start for as little as $1,995 with mobile-friendly design included. This way you can start your small business off the right way. If you’re interested in a website give us a call at 303-339-0429 for a consultation and start planning your dream website right away!