Why trust your website to a DIY site or cut-rate designer? Call RiotLabs in Denver, and get the best for less than you think.

RiotLabs is a Colorado based full-service web design and web development agency that offers the full spectrum of internet marketing capabilities. Our team is comprised of entrepreneurial-minded thought leaders who put an emphasis on strategy first to better understand how to position your website for lasting success. We take a holistic approach to your project that allows us to understand your audience and ensure that your website maintains maximum exposure online at all times. In other words, we will make sure that your online presence is as profitable for your business as possible.


Website Services

We’ve mastered CMS tools like WordPress, SharePoint, Drupal, Joomla Expression Engine, and more, enabling us to harness the full potential of the digital marketplace. Whatever it takes to find your ideal customers online and bring them to you, we have the tools and know-how to deliver results.


E-Commerce Services

We’re experts at wielding eCommerce tools like WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify and more, allowing us to match your goals with the right resources to sharply increase sales. Your full-service eCommerce store can even integrate fully with third-party services and inventory management platforms, such as Quickbooks.


SEO Services

The effectiveness of search engine optimization depends on how you communicate with your audience using content. Content strategy, audience building, and user experience are the new SEO. Our team will turn your website into a data-driven ecosystem designed to drive traffic, identify opportunities, boost conversions and turn them into a revenue stream.


SEM/Retargeting and PPC Services

RiotLabs is a recognized leader in using Google Adwords, Yahoo, and Bing pay-per-click, advertising, and more to turbocharge online marketing campaigns. We employ extensive, state-of-the-art metrics data tracking tools, technology, and tactics along with best practices ranging from contextual ads to partner publishing to drive your campaign to the next level.


UX Design

In today’s digital marketing landscape, making a website that’s visually stunning isn’t enough to convert visitors to customers. User experience design is a concept that aims to improve customer satisfaction through the all around ease of use and the delight people feel when navigating your website. This, in turn, boosts value and increases the chances they will make a purchase on your website over your competitors. UX design aims to understand your audience while also connecting with them on a deeper level.


Social Media Management Services

Social media has increasingly become an important direct avenue to reach and connect with your audiences online, thus, utilizing social platforms as versatile marketing and sales tools has become integral to online marketing strategies. We’re Denver’s experts at using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms to help your business build and participate in communities and ultimately drive revenue.

Multiple Industry Solutions

As a full-service agency, we’ve worked with more than 600 companies in almost every industry you can imagine. We have the depth and breadth of expertise to deliver for you!


Business & Finance

We’ve created online financing applications, banking portals, and numerous B2B sites of all descriptions.


Consumer & Retail

We’ve built e-commerce sites to sell everything from home and office furniture to popcorn and snacks to banners and neon signs, including sites that allow you to customize your own t-shirts and clothing.



We’ve developed custom mobile apps to perform a variety of complex functions, written weather prediction software for government agencies, and even a social network ranked higher than Twitter by Mashable.com! Seriously.



We’ve created responsive websites for major health insurance groups, mobile apps for use by doctors in the E.R., a portal to allow customers to compare health care rates in different markets, and more.


Media & Entertainment

We’ve worked with media groups from CBS Television to Bad Boy Entertainment, and created interactive animations for virtual displays, online 3D video to promote the new Ford vehicles, and gaming software for music celebrities.


Transport & Logistics

We’ve partnered with some of the largest logistics companies in the U.S. to create immersive website experiences and integrate complex software to allow a network of drivers plan effective schedules while allowing customers to book and track shipments online!

Benefits of Working With Us

  • We’ve delivered over 2000 websites of all shapes and sizes, for huge clients and small businesses.
  • We’ve been trusted by over 600 companies spanning more than 50 industries.
  • We successfully deliver projects in the $100,000 – $250,000 range every day. Not to brag too much, but we’re quite talented.
  • However, we also deliver high-quality sites for small businesses under $20,000. We’re talented and cost-effective!
  • No other company can give you the best of both worlds like we can. To top it all off, we’re nice, fun, and relatable Denverites who are easy to work with.

How to Work With Us

Step 1: Contact Us Now

There’s no obligation, and we’ll provide a free, flat rate RiotLabs price to create your site, your app, or anything else you need.

We’ll schedule your project kickoff, where you’ll meet your team, to happen as soon as the next day. This can happen in person if you’re in Colorado, or we can use screensharing and videoconferencing software to all be in the same room “virtually.” You’ll meet your own dedicated Designer, Developer, Project Manager and Project Coordinator. The Project Coordinator is your main day-to-day contact, who you can reach out to for anything you need at any time. They’ll work with you to understand your goals, gather requirements and set the project schedule, so you know exactly what to expect from Day One.

Your team will create your custom prototypes within 2-5 days. These will include all the design elements, website content, and be fully functional. You will be able to view them on desktop and different mobile devices, to see how the mobile responsiveness works, and test every feature of the site. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time for feedback and iterations, so we can get it just right before we’re done.

Once everything looks good and you approve it to go live, we schedule your training. Even though we do everything for you, we want to make sure you know how to use it since this is your site after all. You own it, and we don’t want you to feel “locked-in” to us. Training takes about an hour, and we can do it with remote screenshare tools so it doesn’t matter where you are. We’ll show you how to do everything you can imagine on your site, and we video capture the whole thing you you can re-watch the video whenever you need a refresher. Then it’s time to launch, and your new website is visible to the world!

Why We’re Better

Our versatility comes from our experience working with clients in the $1,000 range all the way up to $1,000,000 or more! Because of this, we are able to recognize and solve problems much quicker and more efficiently than similarly priced agencies. We also provide the same amount of care and effort to each project no matter the cost. Our high-level expertise across all aspects of web design and development is applied equally to our larger clients as it does to ones just starting out!