Almond Board

Almond Board

Custom Web Development, Content Migration, Infrastructure and Deployment Management.

The Almond Board needed a website that served both internal and external groups, and did not duplicate content but contained the content of three basically identical sites, and also wanted to be able to appeal to a variety of audiences through design and functionality.

We were able to develop a very complex site using Drupal install profiles that can (among other things) easily accept uploaded CSVs for mass content imports, allowing site management to be much simplified even given the large scope. Since the site has so much content it was also important that the site could be viewed from any device, so it was developed to be fully responsive. Our team kept that in mind with every development decision making sure that the mobile version of ABC would be just as enjoyable (and usable) as the desktop version.

Project Summary

The Almond Board of California ( is a massive global organization that controls approximately 80% of the world’s almond supply, and they serve several very large, distinct groups of stakeholders.

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