Why Wix Can’t Help Your Business Grow


e’ve heard this before. You’re a small business owner with a limited budget. You need a website fast for as cheap as possible. Wix is your best option, right?  While Wix has a cheap entry fee, it can actually cost your business thousands in the short and long term.

Wix claims to be SEO friendly but it will actually hurt your rankings. How does it do that?

Wix uses a backdoor approach to get Google to scan their website. It’s against Google’s guidelines.

in October 14th, 2015 Google dropped Wix.com out of their index. If you have a website on Wix that means it won’t rank. If your website won’t rank on Google then it doesn’t exist.

The only thing that is SEO friendly is the search term “Wix Sucks.” It’s one of the most highly trafficked keywords related to Wix.

You’ll also end up paying for design anyways. Wix offers design services as well that are way behind today’s standards that convert.

Wix touts themselves as being user-friendly and cheap. This isn’t true. It’s clunky to navigate and if you want to get something done you have to contact Wix.

When you contact Wix they will try to sell you something.

Their entire business model is designed to frustrate you and get you to pay for their services.

There are 74.6 Million sites that use WordPress. It’s way more user-friendly and Google indexes it. Our team builds WordPress websites that convert for your business.

Why do companies spend millions of dollars on design and user experience? You only have 1-10 seconds to make an impression. There are no guarantees that anyone will ever come back to your site after that.

A Wix website looks like it was made in the early 2000’s. Is that the impression you want to make with your business?

We are unsure if “Wix Sucks” as we haven’t used it personally. With that being said, we have several first-hand accounts of clients coming to us after dealing with Wix. Once you’re done with the massive time suck that it becomes, you’ll have lost several thousand dollars in business opportunities.

Instead, it’s better to position yourself with a company who understands how to grow your business.

If you, like thousands of other business owners, found us by searching “Wix sucks,” we have good news: We don’t. Call us now to join thousands of business owners who also searched “Wix sucks” and found us … and a great, professional website they could afford!

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